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Upstart's Deep Pour Epoxy Resin reimagines the traditional epoxy experience with ultra-premium ingredients engineered for phenomenal results. Thickset deep pour epoxy can be poured up to 1" thick, while still curing fast! Pour it clear or tint with pigments for resin casting and clear coating. Product Information. Introducing Stone Coat's Super Cast Casting Resin, the premier solution for filling epoxy rivers and large voids in raw wood slabs up to. The epoxy may even heat up in the process. Add any pigment powders or dyes (acrylic paint works) and stir for another minute. Ensure your project is completely. Epox-It Deep Pour epoxy casting resin is a versatile, high-gloss resin with a crystal clear finish and easy mix ratio by volume.

In this video, you'll learn how to do a colored dirty pour using Upstart Epoxy's tabletop epoxy & mica powders! Create beautiful epoxy resin art. Liquid Glass® Deep Pour Epoxy is unparalleled with a deep pour capability of inches and the most durable cure on the market. Pour up to 2 inches in a single pour or up to 6 inches in multiple pours. UltraClear Deep Pour epoxy is perfect for live edge pours, river tables, casting art. Crystal Clear Floral Epoxy Resin is Perfect for Large Castings, Thick table pours and gives simulated water appearance for floral decor. This deep pour epoxy resin is specially formulated to cure bubble-free in projects like river tables, orgones, paperweights, and more. Enjoy this safe odor-free and low VOC deep pour epoxy resin for any kind of deep pour, casting, and embedding projects that require pours of up to 4" at. Deep Pour Epoxy Resin Liquid Glass Gallon / 96 oz Kit, inch Super Clear Amazing Flow Casting Resin Kit, High Temp Heat UV Resistant Epoxy, Bubble Free. Product Description. MAS Deep Pour Epoxy is specifically designed for molding, encapsulating and creating deep pour castings, such as those used on live edge. Mix the resin and hardener (B) in a mixing ratio of Stir the mixture and pass the stir stick well through the edge and bottom of the mixing jug. Then. Envirotex Lite Pour-On High Gloss Finish Envirotex Lite is a water clear reactive polymer compound. It cures to a thick, glossy coating in about 8. Build a masterpiece for your space with the best Deep Pour Epoxy Resin. Its reliable formula provides a smooth, durable, and waterproof finish that results.

Superclear Liquid Glass Deep Pour Epoxy is absolutely unparalleled with a deep pour capability of inches and gives you unmatched industry performance. EnviroTex Lite® is a water clear mix ration by volume epoxy resin used to coat surfaces Pour-On High Gloss Finish. ETI Envirotex Lite Pour-on Product. WiseBond® Deep Pour epoxy poured with live-edge wood slabs, preserves the wood, brings out the natural wood luster, and highlights the natural wood grains. Enjoy this safe odor-free and low VOC deep pour epoxy resin for any kind of deep pour, casting, and embedding projects that require pours of up to 2" at. Amazing Deep Pour epoxy resin is perfect for all kinds of unique projects ranging from river tables, live edge tables, furniture crafting, deep encapsulations. Thin Pour Fast UV Pro coating often used for seal coats, art works, and other projects that require multiple layers in a quick amount of time. Thin Pour Fast. Picking Up Projects. Pour Your Own Epoxy class projects generally have a two week lead time. Projects are dropped off at host location upon completion. WiseBond Deep Pour Epoxy gal. Kit is CERTIFIED FOOD SAFE and a premium commercial grade epoxy. Specially formulated for river table thick pouring up to. Strong Formula - Our epoxy resin is non-yellowing and dries up to be crystal clear with an intense shine. Its premium quality makes it impact resistant and.

This Fluid Glass Deep Pour Epoxy is specifically designed for applications between It cures rock hard and provides unbeatable structural integrity. MAS Deep Pour Epoxy Resin System is the best epoxy for deep pours between 1/2 - 1 inch thick per layer. Great for casting, encapsulating and molding project. Product Details: Deep Pour Casting Epoxy Resin for River Tables | 3 to 1 Ratio Finally, Achieve Stunning 2" Thick Pours with less babysitting and fewer. Best for making resin crafts for Mother's Day! Deep Pour Epoxy Resin: LET'S RESIN Deep Pour Epoxy Resin Kit is made of premium material and advanced. Create river tables, charcuterie boards, and modern furniture with our Deep Pour Epoxy Resin. Achieve flawless, crystal-clear depth in your projects with.

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